Merry Meet

I am currently offering Readings, Spiritual House Cleansings, and Tarot Parties in Michigan - Feel Free to Email me or Contact me on any questions you may have, or if you would like to book me for a party or a One on One Reading :)

We all get stuck sometimes, and would like some answers to the questions playing on our minds. A little insight and clarity is sometimes just what we need to help ease those feelings we have inside ourselves. My readings are personalized to your needs and questions, making the reading in-depth, giving you guidance and insight. I do not sugarcoat any reading, if I have bad news, I will pass it along, If it is good news, I will of course pass it along. My readings are 100% honest, with compassion, kindness, and clarity.

I have been reading Tarot Cards for 19 years now and I have helped many people, by doing personal readings and Internet Readings. This psychic ability has been passed down to me through many generations, as my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother also have these abilities.  I carry with me many psychic gifts that my ancestors have passed down to me, help me with, guide me upon and watch over. I have been seeing the spirit world since I was 5 years old, and I have helped many people on their paths through pretty much my whole life.

My readings are 100% honest, Reliable, compassionate, kind, and helpful. I do not sugarcoat anything I see. If I see something you will not like in the reading, Im still going to tell you. Otherwise im wasting both of our time.

I have a few different decks, and depending on your questions, will depend on the deck or decks that I will use for your reading

All readings are sent via EMAIL, and I will have your reading to you as soon as possible, as I do all my readings in the order they are received. I accept, Paypal, Cash, Certain Money Orders, and I also accept, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Per Law - We do not provide legal, financial, or medical advice or treatment. Tarot Readings are no substitute for medical, legal, financial or therapeutic assistance, in these cases you are urged to seek professional guidance. We will not be held liable for any outcomes or actions, whether yours or those of another person, that may result from information given. Also, I am not responsible for anything that may occur that is paranormal during, before or after a reading. Although caring and accurate advice may be received during a reading, these readings are still to be considered for entertainment purposes only - Must be 18 or older to purchase

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